Revision of the trans-European transport network guidelines

To support its economy, provide mobility for people and goods and ensure the connectivity of all regions, while also limiting negative impacts on climate and environment, the EU has been building a multimodal transport network across its territory: the trans-European transport network (TEN T). TEN-T construction is supported by EU funding, an example of which is the dedicated Connecting Europe Facility programme.

In December 2021, after evaluating progress in TEN-T implementation, the European Commission put forward a proposal on the revised TEN T guidelines to ensure sustainable connectivity through a reliable and high-quality infrastructure network aligned with the objectives of the European Green Deal.

In May 2022, the Commission published an amended version of this proposal, extending transport corridors to Ukraine and Moldova and withdrawing plans that included Russia and Belarus. The European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism adopted its report on the proposal on 13 April 2023; the Council adopted its general approach on 5 December 2022. The EP position was endorsed in plenary on 19 April, and trilogue negotiations are now ongoing. Fourth edition. The first edition, published in March 2022, was drafted by Marketa Pape. 

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