Purchase Aggregation Workshop – Outcomes

On 3rd July, an incredible private Purchase Aggregation Workshop took place in Brussels, hosted at the headquarters of Febetra – The Belgian Federation for Transport.

This event, jointly organised by Febetra, VIL, ALICE, and TRI-VIZOR, showcased a game-changing methodology for streamlining procurement processes.

During the workshop, the 7 attendees actively discussed and focused on three main objectives for establishing a community:

  • Sharing information, know-how, and experiences on Battery Electric Vehicles for Heavy Duty (BEVHD) and the loading infrastructure.
  • Exploring opportunities for joint purchasing of BEVHD and the loading infrastructure.
  • Collaborating on initiatives to enhance the operational feasibility of BEVHD.

The attendees approved the launch of the community by signing a community agreement. The next steps involve finalising the agreement, with a draft currently in circulation among the organisers.