Green Freight Europe


Green Freight Europe (GFE) is the leading industry-driven program to support companies in improving the environmental performances of freight transport in Europe.


The program drives reductions of carbon emissions by:

  • Establishing a platform for monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions, to assist in the procurement of transportation services and based on existing standards;
  • Promoting collaboration between carriers and shippers in driving improvement actions and monitoring progress;
  • Establishing a certification system to reward shippers and carriers who fully participate in the program.


It is also the platform for companies to share best practices, promote innovations and communicate sustainability improvements on European freight. Furthermore, GreenFreight Europe fosters cooperation with other related initiatives, programs and working groups globally.



Green Freight Europe was officially launched on March 27 2012. A Brussels-based European association has been established facilitated by the neutral hosts ESC and EVO (the Dutch Shippers’ Association). The number of members has grown to more than 60 European carriers, shippers and logistics service providers. The London-based Energy Saving Trust has been contracted as a technical body to develop the methodology and to operate the platform.



GFE aims to generate strong market incentives to engage companies across supply chains in the sustainable procurement of transportation services in order stimulate long-term improvements. To help enable this, GFE provides access to collaborative learning, best practice and comparative benchmarking, which will further drive improvements in their emissions performance.


Monitoring and reporting

The launch of the monitoring and reporting platform today is a key step in the development of the GFE programme. To be able to ensure impartiality, the scheme measures CO2e emissions using a consistent methodology, compliant with the latest European standards and the international Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. This also allows for the direct comparison of GHG emissions performance results of any carrier or shipper against the benchmark average from all submissions. GFE members are asked to submit transport data for transport services provided and/or contracted, where the origin and destination are within Europe (including non-EU-member countries such as Turkey and Russia), for both domestic and international traffic. The platform has been developed by GFE members together with the Energy Saving Trust. At the GFE General Meeting in December 2012 the first aggregated results will be presented to the members and other stakeholders.


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