Progress of Digital Transport and Logistics Forum

The first mandate of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) has ended, and the official reports and recommendations will be available soon. However, ESC and other DTLF members expect the EC to grant the second mandate to progress further on digital transport documents.

The DTLF is a group of experts that brings together stakeholders from different transport and logistics communities from both private and public sectors. The European Commission set up this forum in June 2015 to build a common vision and a roadmap for digital transport and logistics. The forum is also mandated to help identify the need for EU level measures and support their development and implementation where relevant.

After 3 years, a core group of highly motivated DTLF members including ESC delivered final reports and wrote recommendations for a second mandate. The first report delivered the groundwork for a legislative proposal that allows for a wider and easier use of digital transport documents, or rather, of datasets replacing the paper documents. The second report describes a framework for Corridor Information Systems. The idea behind these CIS can be compared with the data pipelines demonstrated in the CORE project. The framework aims at making CIS an easily accessible commodity offering a lot of services to the partners in the supply chain. More news will come as soon as the reports and the recommendations are made official. The second mandate will most likely be granted and the same members are very eager to continue the work.