Platooning incentives for shippers

Increased reliability of the supply chain, cost reduction, and solving part of the drivers’ shortage problem are a few of the benefits that platooning can bring to shippers. European Truck Platooning Challenge (ETPC) acts as a forum of stakeholders for various truck platooning activities. The recent meeting of its task force discussed the benefits that platooning could bring to different stakeholders.

As platooning potentially should be safer than normal truck driving, it should provide more visibility, a better planning of the supply chain, and thus, an increased reliability. If platooning can bring cost down by reducing fuel consumption and labour costs by more relaxed driving and resting times, platooning will be considered as an important tool. Lack of drivers and logistical personnel is a major challenge. Relaxation of the driving and resting time regime could take away part of the shortage on the market.