Overview of open service points for truck drivers

Transportation of goods across and between countries is essential. However, truck drivers are facing more and more issues, caused by the presence of COVID-19 restrictions. Due to the lack of drivers, current truck drivers put in long hours in order to make sure the stock arrives on time.

In many countries, restaurants were forced to close their doors. However, without any open rest stops, drivers do not have a place to get food or make a necessary sanitary stop. Where truck drivers have to wear special gear such as protective gloves or masks in order to cross borders, at some places it is not even possible for them to take a shower and thus keep their personal hygiene level up.

To overcome this problem, the French government has issued a map with an overview of service points that are still open for truck drivers. There has also been published an overview of the restaurants in the Netherlands that are still open to truck drivers.

To see what restaurants are still open for truck drivers in the Netherlands, please see here.
To see the overview of the service points that are open in France, please see here.