New EU rules on alternative fuels infrastructure regulation (AFIR)

On 11 July 2023, members of the European Parliament endorsed new EU rules on alternative fuels infrastructure regulation (AFIR). The International Road Union (IRU) commented in a news post that the agreed regulation, based on a compromise reached during the negotiations, does not meet the level of ambition sought by the industry.

AFIR sets the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure for battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles on the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) as well as in urban nodes and safe and secure parking areas.

According to the deal, electric charging infrastructure dedicated to heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) must be deployed every 120km on 15% of the entire length of the TEN-T network by the end of 2025. The distance will then be reduced to 60km on the core, and 100km on the comprehensive, network.

More information and details of the IRU comments can be found in the original news post on the IRU website.