Netherlands opts for exemption from driving licence directive

A group of 13 Dutch associations including Dutch Shippers’ Council  evefenedex  is advocating an exemption from the directive on driving licences that limits the use of heavier light commercial vehicles by the holders of a driving licence type C.

The request  regards electrical vans. The batteries used in these vans increase the gross weight of the cars and have the additional consequence of  exceeding  the gross weight limit (3500 kg is the maximum weight for vans to be used by drivers in possession of a licence type C). The type C licence is the  type of driving licence used for private cars and vans.  The letter sent  to DG MOVE is aimed at getting the exemption. The Dutch Ministry of Transport and Environment has already sent a similar request to DG MOVE, but so far, they haven’ received any answer. A similar exemption from the directive had been already in place until 31 December 2015.  The Commission has to extend this previous exemption. A positive decision of the European Commission is essential for increasing investments in the electric vans. ESC support actions taken by its Dutch member to speed up investment in this sustainable transport.