Multimodal Transport in the TEN-T Corridors

The revision of Directive 92/106/EEC on the establishment of common rules for certain types of combined transport of goods between Member States is included in the European Commission Work Programme 2017. Ahead of this revision, the European Parliament’s committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) adopts an own-initiative report in January 2017. The report calls on the European Commission to promote multimodality as the cornerstone of the trans-European transport network’s implementation. Among other things, this report underlines the need for more investment in the European Transport System with logistics as a focal point, an urgent and more efficient integration of transport modes, and a better training and job conditions to attract new professionals.

The European Parliament’s own-initiative report is not legally binding. However, it is an important working tool and gives a strong signal to the Commission on the areas to improve in Directive 92/106/ECC on the combined transport of goods. The European Commission, in its turn, is required to take a position on this issue.