Motorways of the Sea: detailed implementation plan is ready

Detailed Implementation Plan for Motorways of the Sea sets the priorities for the creation of a sustainable, smart and seamless European Maritime Space. This plan is the result of a close collaboration with Member States and the entire European maritime community.

The Motorways of the Sea (MoS) programme is focused on short sea shipping routes, i.a. contributing to the nearly four billion tonnes of cargo by gross weight handled by European ports each year. It thereby also serves as a functional maritime junction between the major nodes of the core and comprehensive network and should therefore be seen as an integral part of TEN-T and its corridors. Besides, it has a key role to play in the decarbonisation of the European economy by supporting environmental efforts through innovation and road decongestion.

For more information, please see the Detailed Implementation Plan for Motorways of the Sea.

For an overview of the Motorways of the Sea (MoS) investments, please see the European Commission’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency report.

For the Motorways of the Sea Detailed Implementation Plan leaflet, please see here.