More certainty for road transport with Platform of trust

To bring more certainty and assurance in the road transport market for shippers, European Shippers’ Council is getting involved, together with Wtransnet, in a road transport initiative called Platform of trust.

The initiative aims at creating a platform in which trusted and certified carriers will be available for spot orders whenever the contractual transport service provider is not in a position to fulfill his engagement.

ESC is concerned about the present situation where every 15 minutes a truck driver drops out of the market into retirement, with only one replacement stepping in every hour – according to statistics by BGL, the German transport association, covering the last 12 months and only Germany! This trend will go on for the years to come.

The diminishing number of drivers translates into a lack of available trucks, just at a time when the economy is booming. The transport market which was a buyer’s market for the last 30 years has turned into a seller’s market with limited options for the seller.

This transformation of the market has not only consequences for the daily operations with delays in shipping due to the lack of trucks. Safety and security for the cargo are also a great concern. In a market where trucks are rare the usual control of an unknown carrier in the spot market tends to be less rigorous for fear of losing the truck to a competitor. That is the ideal environment for a transport business model based on negligence, or even worse, on crime and theft.

Platform of trust will provide more safety and security for cargo. 

About Wtransnet

Wtransnet is a ground-breaking company that develops and manages technological platforms that help create value when contracting transport and logistic services, delivering profitability, reliability, and an immediate response for users.

Wtransnet’s freight and truck exchange responds to the need to balance transport flows and reduce the number of trips made with empty trucks.

There are companies that sometimes lack the trucks needed to meet peak moments of customer demand and contract the services of other transport companies or independent truck drivers to fill the gap. Others, however, need to find return loads to optimize their trips or to turn a profit on certain routes.

What Wtransnet proposes with its platform is a showcase that enhances your company’s visibility to reach the almost 11,500 European transport companies that belong to the Wtransnet community.

Beyond the search for loads and trucks, Wtransnet is a platform that promotes partnerships between transport companies that share the same standards of professionalism and solvency. This explains why it is crucial to create a safe ecosystem for building effective partnerships that promote the growth of the companies on the freight exchange.

What sets Wtransnet apart from the rest is undoubtedly its commitment to excellence in the promotion of an environment of absolute trust and security to which only vetted transport companies have access.

One of the cornerstones that has secured Wtransnet’s reputation as Europe’s most reliable freight exchange is its strict QAP (quality assurance policy).

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the platform’s security, which not only includes vetting new companies, but also tracking their performance to ensure they comply with the standards that were accepted upon contracting.