Mobility Package: dispute before the EU Court of Justice, hotel for foreign truck drivers, and consequences for shippers

Lithuania disputes the MOBILITY PACKAGE before the EU Court of Justice

Some Member States do not approve of the new measures of the EU like the regular obligatory return of trucks to the home country. Lithuania is the first Member State going to the EU Court of Justice to request the cancellation of the imposed rules. Proceedings can take approx. 3 years and have no suspensive effect.

The set of rules voted by the European Parliament in July includes the compulsory return of the vehicle to the Member State of establishment every eight weeks and the restrictions imposed on combined transport operations. These measures were not part of the Commission’s proposals adopted on 31 May 2017 and have not been the subject of an impact assessment. The obligation of return of the truck may lead to inefficiencies in the transport system and an increase in unnecessary emissions, pollution, and congestion, while the restrictions on combined transport could diminish its effectiveness to support multimodal freight operations.

Belgian Transport Companies, VAN MOER, opens hotel for foreign truck drivers

Part of the Mobility Package is the EU interdiction of “cabin camping”. One of the Belgian Transport Companies, VAN MOER, opens hotel for foreign truck drivers. The hotel is situated at the border between Belgium and Holland with 20 rooms /restaurant.

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