Metals for Clean Energy

Last week, at Metals for Clean Energy: Solving Europe’s raw materials challenge event, experts debated how to bridge Europe’s metals supply gap, securely and sustainably. A landmark study quantifying Europe’s metals needs for its 2050 climate-neutrality goal was launched.

Metals will play a central role in successfully building Europe’s clean technology value chains and meeting the EU’s 2050 climate-neutrality goal. In the wake of supply disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s conflict in Ukraine, Europe’s lack of resilience for its growing metals needs has become a strategic concern.

The study evaluates how Europe can fulfil its goal of “achieving resource security” and “reducing strategic dependencies” for its energy transition metals, through a demand, supply, and sustainability assessment of the Green Deal and its resource needs.

For the study, please see here.

To watch the debate, please see here.

To watch Commissioner Thierry Breton’s welcome address here.