LEARN final event

The Logistics Emissions Accounting and Reduction Network  (LEARN) project presented its results and practical examples how accounting of logistics and freight emissions works for businesses and helps to improve emissions reduction.

To have a credible methodology, it needs to be recognised by everyone. Therefore, a key focus of the LEARN project has been to promote the uptake of the  Global Logistics Emissions Council ( GLEC) Framework  – a universal methodology to calculate emissions from logistics operations across the multi-modal supply chains. Practical applicability of the  GLEC Framework was successfully tested by over 30 companies – both customers (shippers) and providers of freight and logistics services (carriers, operators) across different modes of transport.

Taking into account the project developments, a revised and updated version of the GLEC Framework will be released in mid-2019. As a supplement to the GLEC Framework, the Fraunhofer institute published the Guide for GHG Emissions Accounting for Logistics Sites developed under the LEARN project.

For the presentations from the LEARN project final event, please see here.
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