Leaflets for drivers and operators on Posting of Drivers and Driving and Resting Time

The European Labour Authority (ELA or the Authority) prepared and published two information leaflets for drivers and operators in the road transport sector. In some cases, the legislation also contains co-liability for shippers. The first leaflet ‘posted drivers – know your rights and obligations’ covers information on the complex topic of posting of workers, in particular drivers. The second leaflet ‘driving and resting time rules’ explains more in depth the key elements of legislation of the Mobility Package.

The two documents form a part of ELA’s Framework for Actions on Road Transport, and will be widely distributed in Member States during road transport inspections and information activities. The language versions of the leaflets include all EU languages, as well as Albanian, Macedonian, Turkish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

The ELA was established with the mission to facilitate and support cooperation between the Member States, together with the European Commission and the social partners, in enforcing labour mobility legislation in the European Union. The Mobility Package I introduced significant changes to this sector-specific legislation, which the Member States are currently implementing or whose implementation they are preparing.

ELA’s campaign activities are currently being prepared in close cooperation with EU social partners and the Member States. The campaign will be launched in Fall 2022.

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