“K” Line wins Dutch Container Liner Shipping Award

Japanese ocean carrier “K” Line has won the evofenedex Container Liner Shipping Award in 2017. It is the second time in the history of the Dutch Container Liner Shipping Award that “K” Line was awarded as the best performing carrier in the eyes of shippers. In 2014 they also received the award. “K” Line had the highest score amongst shippers in the shippers’ sentiment survey on availability of cargo space, reliability of booking, and accurate documentation. “K” Line also achieved high scores on cost of service and accurate billing. These five criteria were seen as most important by shippers among the 26 criteria on which all carriers were judged. It is no surprise that with the scores of “K” Line on these five criteria they are the winner of the award.

Interestingly enough, “K” Line also received the highest score on Electronic Integration Link to Carriers. With this integration it makes the exchanges of data between shippers and carriers much easier, but above all, more efficient and secure. This eventually leads to higher scores in reliability and accuracy. Therefore, carriers are encouraged to keep investing in these instruments to improve ocean freight product for shippers.

“K” Line welcomed the award and called the recognition of the award a crown on the achievements of all people working in “K” Line, especially the IT department.