IRU comments on EU modales project results

On 18 July 2023, IRU has commented on the results of the EU project “modales” which ended earlier this year. MODALES has analysed the impact of driving behaviour on vehicles’ carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide emissions and has proposed practical and affordable measures that any driver can apply immediately and at all stages of vehicle operation. The combined use of MODALES training material and its mobile application reduced individual drivers’ emissions by up to 60% for carbon monoxide, 30% for nitrogen oxides, and 7% for carbon dioxide.

IRU commented very positively on the results of MODALES, highlighting not only that the results are applicable to all types of vehicles, from private cars to light-duty (including taxis) and heavy-duty vehicles, with subsections for pre-trip, trip and maintenance aspects, but also that the significant impact on fuel savings, enhanced fleet maintenance, and reduced emissions.

More details about the MODALES project can be found on the MODALES or IRU websites, more background about the IRU comment is available from the IRU news post.