Improving working conditions for drivers

17th May 2023, Valencia, Spain, transporters and shippers will meet to promote best practices for the treatment of drivers at delivery sites. Following the conference in Algeciras, Spain, 20 April 2023, the event in Valencia is a continuation of shipper-transporter cooperation to improve working conditions for drivers in the areas of loading and unloading of goods.

Algeciras conference was organised by IRU, the Spanish International Association for Road Transport (ASTIC), the European Shippers Council (ESC), and the Spanish Association of Shippers (Transprime). It showcased a new EU tool, the Responsible Shipper Certification, designed to incentivise shippers to sign the Charter on improving the treatment of drivers at loading and unloading sites. The Charter is a universal decalogue for shippers to commit to a series of basic actions to develop trust between drivers and logistics actors.

The Responsible Shipper Certification recognises good practices in the treatment of drivers by shipping companies. Its fundamental pillars include respect for drivers, the conditions for the delivery and collection of goods and documents, and compliance with rules to load and unload within one hour, in accordance with current regulations. Air Products is the first shipper being awarded with the certification.

Self assessment compliance checklists are available for each signatory part of the Charter, shipper, driver, and transport company in order to check whether they comply with the Charter.

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