ICONET project at the 6th International Physical Internet Conference in London

The Physical Internet (PI) concept is increasing in interest. ESC is a partner in the ICONET project (New ICT Infrastructure & Reference Architecture to Support Operations in Future PI Logistics Networks). ICONET presented the Generic PI Case Study (GPICS) at the 6th International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC) in July in London.

GPICS makes a representation of a real-world system by creating a conceptual model for a generic geographic area, a series of descriptive elements, the logical relationships relative to the components of the system, the input and output data, and a set of capabilities for different scenarios configuration.

ICONET is a 30 month project that started on the 1st of September 2018. It will significantly extend the state of the art research and development around the PI concept in pursuit of a new networked architecture for interconnected logistics hubs by focusing on the following:

  • Research, under the PI umbrella, into new business models that underpin intermodal transport, warehousing and ecommerce fulfilment
  • Development of an experimental ICT proof of concept Infrastructure Platform to support the simulation and testing of the PI concepts
  • Development of representative PI solutions for each of the three Focus Areas for the corresponding Living Labs.

ICONET project