Hololei hopes to see progress on Mobility Package

With the next elections to the European Parliament expected to be held on 23–26 May 2019, it is uncertain whether the files of the Mobility package initiatives will move to the next stage during the current EP mandate. During the exchange of views in the European Parliament on 7 September 2018, Director-General for Transport Henrik Hololei expressed his hope that an agreement, at least on certain Mobility Package proposals that are still under the EP scrutiny can be reached. Thus, if a first reading can take place before the elections, the discussion on the files based on the current proposals can be continued after the elections.

Social and market pillar proposals rejected in the EP plenary in July this year are part of the 1st Mobility Package released on 31 May 2018 and contain important for shippers issues: cabotage, return home, rest in cabin, posted workers, and tachographs. The different and uncoordinated national rules that do not guarantee a level playing field for the transport companies, nor the same level of protection for drivers, if preserved, would be detrimental for consumers and the economy.

The progress on the other files contain the TRAN Committee positive vote on the Combined Transport Directive (part of the 2nd Mobility Package), the start of negotiations on European Electronic Toll Service (EETS), and the Parliament positive vote on hired vehicles (though with the following regrettable Council’s failure to reach a general approach). Shippers are also pleased to see the two digital initiatives released under the 3rd Mobility Package on 17 May 2018.