‘Get ready for Brexit’ website to help businesses in Dutch ports

Last week Portbase and cooperating branch organisations in the Dutch ports launched the information campaign website www.getreadyforbrexit.eu/en.

Here, exporters, importers, and their logistic service providers will be able to see at a glance what they will need to do to maintain quick transport of their cargo to and from the United Kingdom through the Dutch ports; even after the Brexit.

The website’s launch marks the kick-off of an international campaign that is intended to guide the entire logistical chain through preparations for the Brexit.  

The initiators have been working to come to a single Dutch chain solution for Brexit in the Dutch ports complying with European legislation. The elements of this approach combine 100% digital and automated handling of customs formalities, creating a single entry point for all terminals, short sea and ferry traffic, and a clever customs supervision with minimum detriment to the process.

For the press release issued by the companies-initiators of the campaign, please see here.