French TLF is lobbying for 25.25 meters of LHV

TLF (Union des Entreprises de Transport et de Logistique de France) – Union of Transport and Logistics Companies of France – is drafting a proposal for the French government to test combinations of longer and heavier vehicles (LHV) – vehicles reaching 25.25 meters in length.

Weights are not taken into account yet, but discussions regarding the number of pallets that could be transported are taking place. The TLF points out to the success of the LHVs in the area of road safety in the Netherlands, Denmark, and the Scandinavian countries.

According to TLF, the use of the LHV in the aforementioned countries sooner or later will lead to a pan-European acceptance of the longer and heavier combinations with proved environmental and safety benefits. France cannot be left behind.

The Union believes that the technical knowledge for constructing trailers is available and it should be possible to start testing exercises.

ESC has always supported the deployment of longer and heavier vehicles in Europe.