Mitigating Risks of Marine Fuel Uncertainty and New Emissions Regulations

This webinar provided a clear overview of where we stand concerning new marine fuel emissions regulations and shipper-carrier fuel pricing mechanisms.


About the event

The question of effective marine fuel pricing mechanism is becoming more relevant as regulators announce new emissions regulations. Shippers need to be prepared to avoid additional costs. The European Shippers Council, together with Ecumene Ventures, hosted this webinar to address these issues. The webinar was organised for shippers and other stakeholders working in trade and logistics.


  • Marine fuel supply chain
  • Marine fuel price volatility in 2020 and beyond
  • IMO 2020 update
  • New emissions regulations: IMO2030, ETS, Green Deal, and others
  • What these changes mean to the shipper
  • How to mitigate price and environmental risks
  • How and what to forecast ahead of the new tender season


Introduction. About ESC

About Ecumene. Mitigating Risks of Marine Fuel Uncertainty and New Emissions Regulations


European Shippers’ Council was founded in 1963 to represent the logistic interests of manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers, collectively referred to as shippers, in all modes of transport. ESC Members are national shippers’ councils, key European commodity trade associations, and corporate members. Thus, European Shippers’ Council represents the freight transport interests of some 100,000 companies. Contact person:

Ecumene Ventures is a Singapore transportation tech company with a dedicated R&D Center in Warsaw, Poland. Ecumene builds innovative solutions for the maritime shipping industry. Deep industry expertise, dedication to transparency and sustainability - combined with top technology talent - makes Ecumene well-positioned to provide actual fuel cost clarity and accurate emissions calculation. Contact person: