50 days before Brexit

Brexit day is coming closer but practical questions in the different modes of transport still remain. To mention just one: will the availability of permits for hauliers be sufficient? Border agencies seem to be well prepared but the solutions differ from Member State to Member State. This webinar provided a clear overview where we stand 50 days before Brexit.


  • The EU: transport, labour market, cabotage, and licences. Presentation by Raluca Marian, International Road Transport Union
  • Customs formalities:

          France: presentation by Claire Dublois, General Directorate of Customs and Excise, France

          Belgium: presentation by Werner Rens, Federal Public Service Finance, Customs and Excises, Belgium

          The UK: presentation by Heather Jones, Border & Protocol Delivery Group, the UK

          The Netherlands: presentation by Roel van 't Veld LL.M, Customs Administration of the Netherlands

  •  Q&A