European Shippers’ Council Celebrates 60 Years of Advocacy and Collaboration

This year – 2023 – is the European Shippers’ Council’s 60th anniversary. The organisation marked its birthday with a special event on the 16th of November, celebrating its rich history, present activities, and future aspirations. ESC has been a leading voice for shippers in Europe for over six decades, advocating for a fair and competitive transport system, promoting sustainable transport solutions, and fostering collaboration throughout the supply chain.

In a keynote address, ESC President Roman Stiftner reflected on the organisation’s journey, highlighting its evolution from a maritime-focused organisation to a leader advocating for all transport modes, including air, rail, inland waterways, maritime, and combined transport.

“The shipper has always played a crucial role in the supply chain, and this importance will only grow in the future”, said Dr Stiftner. “Effective collaboration throughout the supply chain is essential to accommodate the increasing volume of trade. …”

“The European Shippers’ Council has been a reliable partner and at times a tough partner,” remarked EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean. “You have pushed the European agenda forward and your views and contributions count. They are feeding into our proposals and ultimately help create a better future for transport and everyone who uses it.”

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