European Commission Needs More Time for Customs Automation

DG TAXUD has announced that it will be impossible to finalize the automation systems needed for the full implementation of the Union Customs Code before the proposed end date of 31st December 2020.  This announcement was made to the participants of the Electronic Customs Coordination Group meeting, who represent European Trade Associations and 28 Member States.

ESC asked the Commission to be completely transparent in the timelines to allow shippers to prepare properly for the implementation of the new customs automation systems.

ESC also emphasized that for companies active in more than one Member State it is important that they will not be confronted with different sets of rules in Member States during a transitional period. A situation when one Member State has already migrated to the new legislation whilst another one is still under the old rules might result in the increase of costs and red tape for companies.

Causes for the delay of the implementation are the lack of resources for the Commission and Member States.
Full implementation of the Union Customs Code will not take place before 2023 or even 2025.