EU funding is essential for resilient, sustainable, and efficient transport

European Shippers’ Council together with other transport-related organisations are collaborating on a campaign for “More EU budget for transport!” ahead of the upcoming EU elections and DG MOVE’s proposal for a new Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) budget. CEF is a key EU funding instrument to promote growth, jobs, and competitiveness through infrastructure investment at European level.

Funding instruments to advance Europe’s infrastructures are essential. An efficient and well-connected transport network is the backbone of the EU´s competitiveness, seamless trade, and a greener environment.

ESC has actively participated in European projects covered by CEF funding supportive of more resilient, sustainable, and efficient transport. Just recently, the successfully concluded FENIX project established the first European data sharing architecture allowing shippers and other stakeholders to reduce costs and optimise transport operations by increasing interoperability.

A joint position will be presented during the Connecting Europe Days in April 2024.