EU Environmental Council on freight traffic

During the EU Environment Council on 23 October, 2020, the Ministers of Environment of the EU Member States asked the European Commission to introduce measures to maintain freight transport levels even during serious crises.

The measures should preserve cross-border freight traffic along the TEN-T corridors and other essential international connections.

The Commission was also asked to focus on guaranteeing the free movement of workers in the sector, while protecting their health and safety. Truck drivers in international transport could, therefore, be exempted from quarantine measures in the EU if they come from a risk area.

The EU is working on more uniformity in travel restrictions between the EU countries. Many Member States want the option of independently deciding who they will and will not allow from risk areas. The European Council, therefore, asks for a “coherent regulatory framework” regarding exemptions in the event of a pandemic or other serious crisis.

Furthermore, the European Council calls on the European Commission to “develop a specific framework for temporary state aid,” so that Member States can provide rapid support to the transport sector in the event of pandemics and other serious crises.