EU and China strengthen Customs Cooperation

On 18 June, the 11th high-level meeting of the EU-China Joint Customs Cooperation Committee (JCCC) took place in Shanghai. It marks the 20th Anniversary of this cooperation.

The EU and China reaffirmed their commitment to actively reinforce the effectiveness of customs controls and enhance fair and legitimate trade. The European Commission also recently completed an external study and an evaluation of the EU-China customs cooperation. In view of recent trends and challenges, the EU and China agreed to establish a new Working Group on cross-border e-commerce while intensifying their cooperation on designer drug precursors.

The EU and China also asserted their commitment to actively strengthen their long-term customs cooperation. To this end, they agreed to engage in a review process that should improve and reach even better results. This process could lead to a renewed EU-China Customs Cooperation and Mutual Administrative Assistance (CCMAA) Agreement.

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