ESC urges European Parliament to support the mandate

The European Shippers’ Council urges the European Parliament to support the mandate which was given to the Transport & Tourism Committee (TRAN) Committee on the 4th June on the various market and social related proposals which are part of the first Mobility Package of the European Commission.

The mobility package should be regarded as such – a package – because a lot of challenges will be resolved with other initiatives within the package. This is why it is crucial to support the mandate which was given to TRAN, as it is a balanced solution tackling a lot of issues.

Now there is no time to waste, it is crucial that an agreement is struck before the European elections in 2019, to prevent the continued imposition of national posting regimes. Members of the TRAN Committee have seriously considered the proposals and have reached some fair compromises.

We therefore call on the Members of the European Parliament to trust and endorse the expert reports of the Transport Committee, which would allow them to start negotiations with the Council and the Commission as soon as possible, so that legislation brings the necessary certainty to workers, shippers and the logistics sector across the whole EU.