ESC sets out recommendations for due diligence legislation

European Shippers’ Council, representing importers and exporters throughout Europe, welcomes the work of the European Commission on due diligence goals. ESC believes that the interplay of the three European regulations (due diligence, sustainable corporate governance, and the Non-Financial Reporting Directive) is a way to create responsible and sustainable business and fair treatment of all people in the supply chain. EU legislation is the only means to ensure this.

Being aware of the initiatives at the European and national levels and taking into account different adaptability of European companies (multinationals and SMEs) to new laws, ESC sets out key recommendations for the EC in view of the upcoming proposal on due diligence:

– Making sure that the EU is leading the legislative due diligence process.
– Implementing due diligence at the level of supply chains with pivotal role of large (multinational) companies; providing a smart mix of compulsory and voluntary legislation.
– Harmonizing enforcement as last resort.

For the ESC Recommendations for the Due Diligence Legislation, please see here.