ESC Maritime Council discusses alliances situation

The ESC Maritime Transport Council welcomed its guests from DG Competition, OECD, and Maersk during the MTC meeting on the 29th of November 2017. The participants discussed market trends in terms of mergers and alliances and their impact in the maritime sector. One of the reasons for the alliances seemed to be carriers’ need to reduce losses and to improve efficiency of the maritime transport chain, though not considering the end-to-end logistics. A negative consequence was that they decided to reposition their ships and reschedule their sailings all at the same time. It was stated that the alliances reinforce the structural unbalance between carriers and customers and reduce the number of potential partners for shippers due to the non-differentiation between (maritime) services.  The participants discussed how to bring positive developments to the maritime market. During the meeting, the focus was also on how IT could improve containerised shipping by increasing efficiency, decreasing administrative burden, and providing transparency to the maritime supply chain. For full presentations from the meeting, please contact