ESC is calling for European Parliament to agree on Mobility package proposals

European Shippers’ Council is pushing for a harmonised approach on issues related to drivers’ rest periods, posting of drivers, and access to the market covered by the first Mobility Package. Therefore, ESC is calling for the Members of the European Parliament to come to an agreement on the proposals that were adopted by the Transport Committee of the European Parliament but not at the EP plenary in June.14 June 2018, the MEPs decided to have further talks on the proposals and vote again at the July EP plenary. If agreed, the proposals will enter the following stage of the legislative process – the negotiations with the Council. If the MEPs vote against the proposals, the process will start all over again interrupted by the coming European elections in 2019 and the current patchwork of different national regimes will create further disparities across Europe.

For more information about the proposals please see here.