ESC disapproves mechanism of surcharges due to lower sulphur fuel

The European Shippers’ Council disapproves of the mechanism of surcharges that shipping liners launch to cover the higher rate of lower sulphur fuel. Shippers call for a dialogue with container liners to find the best mechanism to share the costs.

A new bunker adjustment factor launched by Maersk aims at covering additional costs that will arise from the upcoming global sulphur regulations. Carriers impose it unilaterally without any negotiation with shippers and ignore a market approach to the global problem. MSC and CMA CGM have recently announced plans that follow the same direction. This does not set an ideal cooperation scenario.

The ESC has published a press release stating a clear request to shipping liners to sit together and discuss all freight costs and to come to a mutual agreement. More details you will find in the press release, published here.