ESC and evofenedex focus on Turkey’s trade barriers

Due to COVID-19, Turkey has increased the import duties on products originating from third countries. Besides, European exporters will be asked to provide a declaration of origin, even though these products have been imported to the market earlier. evofenedex (Dutch Shippers’ Council) brought this matter to the attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, while European Shippers Council (ESC) addressed this issue to the European Commission.

Godfried Smit, Secretary General of ESC, states: ‘Turkey uses the current COVID-19 crisis for political purposes in order to put pressure on the trade relations with the European Union. The European Commission must act upon this behaviour, in order to ensure that our members will not suffer from the extra costs, administrative burden, and insecurities.’

Turkey forms a Customs Union with the European Union. According to the mutual agreements, in order to export goods to Turkey, an ATR-document would suffice. This document includes information about the origin of goods and would ensure that there are no customs duties imposed.

Representatives of the EU Member States and the European business sector discuss the most prominent trade difficulties concerning countries outside of the EU with the European Commission (DG TRADE). The meetings of the Committee on Market Access Difficulties take place monthly.

The European Commission provides information on different products and customs duties applied with third countries in its Market Access Database.