ENTRANCE project’s results

8 February 2024, European Shippers Council and the wider ENTRANCE consortium met the European Commission for the final project review meeting.

The ENTRANCE project is a 3-year project supported by the European Union´s Horizon 2020. It started in 2020 and ended in 2023. 

The main outcome of the ENTRANCE project is the creation of a European matchmaking platform, the ARRIVAL platform. The platform offers matchmaking and off-line services, designed to support, and rally buyers and innovators in adopting pioneering innovative transport solutions. Worth recalling that the ARRIVAL platform was developed in cooperation with the RECIPROCITY project.

The platform offers matchmaking and off-line services, designed to rally buyers looking to adopt pioneering innovative transport and innovators seeking to see their work rewarded.

More widely, the ENTRANCE project sought to:

  • Identify and promote innovative zero-emission transport solutions;
  • Promote their registration on the ENTRANCE platform where they can now be matched with potential buyers and financing opportunities;
  • Promote the aggregation of purchases in such a manner as to reduce costs for early adopters of sustainable transport solutions;
  • Promote good practices on the deployment of innovative solutions;
  • Disseminate European and national tenders as well as legislation;
  • Organise training and brokerage activities facilitating purchase aggregation by neutral trustees for the orchestration of collaborations;
  • Support access to innovative finance solutions.

European Shippers’ Council supported the ENTRANCE project by contributing to the attraction and engagement of stakeholders to the platform, as well as in quality management and review processes of the project.

To learn more about the ENTRANCE project’s ARRIVAL platform, please join the ESC webinar on 19 February 2024 here.