ENTRANCE: Online workshop results for urban mobility iniatives

The “Zero Emission Urban Road Delivery Vehicles Market Analysis and EIT Urban Mobility Call for Proposals 2022-2024” event, held on 24 May 2023, brought together industry experts and stakeholders to discuss the latest trends and innovations in sustainable urban logistics. 33 attendees participated in the online workshop, where they learned about the current market analysis of zero-emission urban road delivery vehicles and the EIT Urban Mobility Call for Proposals available for the 2022-2024 period. Here are the key takeaways.

Challenges and Solutions in Urban Logistics

Dr. Yanying Li, Head of Programs and Knowledge Management at ETP ALICE, highlighted the main challenges in urban logistics and explained the potential solutions using light and electric vehicles. Flexible urban construction sites were also discussed, emphasizing how these could be integrated effectively into sustainable urban environments.

Autonomous Vehicles in Urban Logistics

Giannis Kanellopoulos from ICCS presented the different types of autonomous vehicles and their main benefits and potential challenges. The advancements in autonomous vehicles can positively impact urban logistics by reducing costs while improving efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Market Analysis on Zero-Emission Road Delivery Vehicles

Antonio Invito, Innovation & Business Analyst at PNO Consultants, provided a detailed market analysis on zero-emission road delivery vehicles for urban logistics. This analysis enabled the attendees to gain a better understanding of the available solutions in the market and how to implement them to achieve sustainable urban mobility.

Showcasing Zero-Emission Urban Delivery Solutions

Nine companies presented their zero-emission solutions at the event, including Musoshi, Revoltz, Cargo Cycling, Infinite Mobility, NÜWIEL, Urban Arrow, Sevic eMobility, LMAD – TwinswHeel, and VANAPEDAL. These presentations offered a comprehensive overview of various innovative solutions that can help shape the future of urban logistics and ensure sustainable development.

EIT Urban Mobility Open Innovation Call for Proposals

Wiebke Müller from EIT Urban Mobility presented the Annual Open Innovation Call for Proposals, which seeks to finance one-year projects aimed at accelerating the digital, energy, and mobility transformation of cities. The main challenge areas for this call include sustainable city logistics, mobility and energy, and future mobility services.


The “Zero Emission Urban Road Delivery Vehicles Market Analysis and EIT Urban Mobility Call for Proposals 2022-2024” event successfully brought together industry experts, researchers, and companies to share valuable insights, knowledge, and innovations in zero-emission urban road delivery vehicles. This collaborative effort is a crucial step towards a sustainable future where cities can enjoy efficient, clean, and environmentally friendly urban logistics solutions.

More information and the recording of the workshop can be assessed via the ENTRANCE news post