Declaration from Digital Transport Days in Tallinn

8-11 November 2017, Tallinn, Digital Transport Days Declaration has been produced as a result of the 3-day conference organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Mobility (DG MOVE) in Estonia. The document stated that Europe must dare to dream to take leadership in digitalisation of transport and to turn these dreams into reality. All stakeholders, individually and collectively, must transform our transport system in all its aspects, making it more efficient, safe, inclusive, sustainable, and multimodal in the ultimate interest of all users. Digitalisation can and must enable the safe automation and the seamless integration of all transport modes and increase their capacity and quality. The technology is becoming available now and we must use it.

It is not a surprise that the event took place in Estonia. Estonia is currently holding the EU Presidency, but most importantly, Estonia is known as the most advanced digital society in the world. Indeed, the event gathered circa 300 people representing nearly all stakeholders in transportation of both passengers and freight and focused on aspects of digital transport. More information about the freight-related topics of the event will be covered in the next issue of the newsletter. The full Declaration is available here.