Council on digitalisation of transport

European Shippers’ Council welcomes The conclusions of the Council of the European Union on the importance of digitalisation for the European economy and competitiveness. ESC strongly supports the Council’s view on the continuation of the work of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum. “DTLF is developing with all relevant stakeholders measures to support more systematic use and acceptance of e-documents and the harmonised exchange of information and data in the logistic chain.”

It is crucial for all transport modes. There is a need for the rapid accession by the EU Member States to the e-CMR protocol. A harmonised European Maritime Single Window environment is necessary “to improve the efficiency and attractiveness of the maritime transport sector”. Sharing of information, such as a reliable Expected Time of Arrival, between the railway and logistic sector and relevant parties in the logistic chain will “better integrate railways into transport chains and enhance the competitiveness of international rail freight transport”.

ESC welcomes the Council’s call on the EC to work with Member States and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive and multimodal digitalisation strategy for the transport sector which according to the Council should be done during the first quarter of 2019.