CORE project survey: visibility tool

In one of the subprojects of CORE, a freight forwarder is developing a Visibility Tool to adapt security controls in real time from pick-up to delivery, conducting a review of the risks of all security incidents on a route. Should this tool be of your initial interest, please fill in the following survey: .

The expected outputs of the tool are: 

  • Embed vehicles with Security Sensors to monitor during transport.
  • Monitor route from collection to delivery in real time.
  • Have Sensors information integrated and visualized in the Supply Chain Visibility Tool connected to a Central of Alarms.
  • Create an Operational & Management Dashboard integrating Security and Operational Incidents (Risk Management Solution).

This demo project focuses on the logistics activities to ship parts from the suppliers in Seville to Airbus (ADS) Plant in Poland, while embedded devices will track and trace vehicles along the Supply Chain in real time.