Companies are calling on the EU to increase climate targets for trucks

On 26 June 2023, Transport & Environments reports that 41 (global) companies, amongst which are Nike, Heineken, PepsiCo, but also Maersk and DFDS, are calling on the EU to increase climate targets for trucks to help them meet their own green commitments

In a letter to EU lawmakers signed by 41 hauliers, shippers, and logistics and e-mobility companies, they say more ambitious CO2 standards in 2030 and 2040 will lower the costs and accelerate the production of zero-emission trucks at scale.

Truckmakers have ambitious voluntary commitments to sell more zero-emission trucks, which include electric and hydrogen vehicles. Therefore the companies are urging Members of the European Parliament and EU governments to increase the 2030 CO2 target from the currently proposed -45% to a -65% cut in emissions, to make sure that regulatory ambitions are brought at least on par with voluntary ambition levels. This would increase the number of green trucks on Europe’s roads in 2030 by more than 150,000 compared to the European Commission’s proposal, they say.

More information is available from the T&E news post here, incl. a list of the companies, a link to the letter, and comments by representatives of key companies.