China deploys first intelligent heavy-haul freight train for coal transport

The first heavy-haul freight train that allows for digital real-time monitoring has hit the rail in China. The convoy will travel on the section between Huanghua and Shuozhou, in the northeast of the country.

The train, as it was mentioned by Chinese media CGTN, was equipped with technology that allows monitoring of the train’s operation status in real-time. Moreover, maintenance will be easier and more efficient since it will be possible to check the condition of the convoy digitally.

The Huanghua-Shuozhou line is key for the transportation of coal in China. The port of Huanghua, owned by national coal mining and energy company China Shenhua, is one of the main export outlets for Chinese coal. Shuozhou is one of the main coal hubs in China, home to the Shengtou Power Station, powered by coal.

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