#ChallengeMyCity Call for Pilots still open

ESC is a partner in the European project ENTRANCE. ENTRANCE would like to draw the attention of innovators to the #ChallengeMyCity Call for Pilots supported by EIT. The call focusses on

"Cycling Challenges in the Cities of Toulouse and Milan"

The call is still open for applications until 8 February 2022, 17:00h. This is a funding opportunity to perform a pilot in a city’s urban environment and in real conditions. For this call, the cities of Toulouse and Milan are participating. They are seeking to pilot innovative solutions providing safer bike parking facilities, and safer bike lane markings and devices.

The pilots are expected to last 6-8 months. A total of 150,000 EUR is available for the three best solutions. Get all information here. Further information is also available from the webinar recording (pw: Rx3!0^RD).


Further information

More information about the winners, including a description of their winning solutions and a video, can either be found on our website here, the ENTRANCE project website here, or the ENTRANCE YouTube channel here.