Cerame-Unie shares ESC’s concerns about current disruption in global trade due to container shortage

16 April 2021, Brussels – The ceramic industry is being affected by the unprecedented surge in freight transport prices and calls on the European Commission to ensure that EU producers continue to have access to fair and accessible shipping services. The imbalances in supply and demand in maritime freight transport following the global Covid-19 pandemic have driven up the costs of shipping goods and disrupted global trade to an extraordinary degree.

Cerame-Unie echoes the request addressed to the EU Commissioners for Competition and Transport by the European Shippers’ Council as well as by other EU and global associations, calling on the Commission to take prompt action to increase transparency and supervise the collaboration between different operators in the shipping industry to ultimately redress the current imbalances and prevent similar situations from occurring again in the future.

For more information, please see the Press Release.