Cargo online route planner

The online route planner Navigate launched by the Port of Rotterdam helps logistics planning and will be still improved. This tool will provide more insight into the carbon footprint of container transport and will show real-time data on the Estimated Times of Arrival and Departure (ETA and ETD) of sea-going vessels. Navigate promises to give more operational data and improve transport efficiency.

You choose your point of departure and the desired destination. And Navigate shows the most efficient transport routes, specifies transit times, and indicates environmental impact of the routes. The tool contains short-sea and deep-sea schedules from 550 ports worldwide and all rail and barge connections between Rotterdam and more than 150 European inland terminals.

Additionally, the platform contains a business directory of more than 1,600 companies operating in and out of the port of Rotterdam. Users can search, compare, and contact those companies. An empty depot tool shows inland terminals for collecting or dropping off empty containers.