Belgian Presidency Programme

The Belgian presidency programme sets out the priorities and main directions of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU. The Belgian term takes place from the 1st of January to the 30th of June 2024.

Together with the Permanent Representation, the Belgian Presidency’s priorities for transport are in line with the European Commission’s “Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy”. The emphasis will be on decarbonising the sector and promoting sustainable modes of transport. The political priorities will be sustainable mobility (modal shift and active mobility) and smart mobility (innovation and digital transition), respect for social rights and safe and efficient transport systems (road and maritime transport). Cycling, among other things, will be in the spotlight during the Informal Council.

In addition to these overall priorities for transport, on 8 December, the Federal Minister for Mobility unveiled the major legislative dossiers that the Presidency will put on the programme of the EU Council for transport. Land and intermodal transport dossiers have the highest priority. They include the rail capacity initiative, the trilogue negotiations on the road safety package, vehicle weights and dimensions, combined transport, the trilogues on TEN-T and passenger rights. There are also the maritime dossiers, with the sea security package, followed by the trilogues on the Single European Sky package for aviation.

For the full Belgian Presidency Programme, please see here.
Source: Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport