Belgian Kilometer Charge Still a Burden

Six months ago the kilometer charge for trucks in Belgium came into effect. According to the Federation of Belgian Transporters, Febetra, the measures still need to be improved.

The extra costs and administration forms a burden for transport companies. As the extra costs connected to the system are not clear beforehand, companies are unsure what to charge their customers. Since every region charges companies separately, this leads to an increased administrative burden. Additionally, truck drivers currently receive 3 hours to solve problems with their on board unit. This, however, disrupts their time schedule. It is therefore suggested to extend this time from 3 to 8 hours.

Outside Belgium, the charge has also led to increased traffic in the south of the Netherlands as drivers try to avoid the additionally costs connected to the Belgian kilometer charge.

For European shippers it is important that the Belgian measures do not obstruct free movement and do not pose excessive burdens on shippers.