Autonomous multimodal supply chains: AUTOSUP project starts!

The European transport and logistics industry is undergoing deep technological changes driven by growth, digitalisation and sustainability. Automation is a key enabler allowing for new business models and opportunities for shippers.

Horizon Europe´s AUTOSUP project (“Boosting innovation-led industrial transition to AUTOnomous Multimodal SUPly Chains”) seeks to drive the industrial transition towards seamless multimodal automated freight operations.

Brussels, 11 June 2024, AUTOSUP´s consortium composed of 17 partners agreed to:

  • Define automation requirements for multimodal automatic freight transport.
  • Propose advancements in the legislative framework on automation, cyber security, etc.
  • Empower stakeholders with an open, ready-to-use data-driven Decision Support Systems to implement AND deploy automated processes and solutions.
  • Support automation in two Living Hubs (Ports of Antwerp and Trieste).
  • Design new operational, governance, and organisational change management models.
  • Validate operational and cost efficiencies of solutions.
  • Establish a strategic and cohesive alliance for the alignment of multimodal automation adoption roadmaps.
  • Contribute to lowering automation adoption barriers.

ESC is fully engaged in AUTOSUP. As partner in this 3-year Horizon Europe project, ESC´s main contributions will be:

  • Develop AUTOSUP´s policy package comprising regulatory and policy actions to support the adoption of automated solutions.
  • Define automation requirements and operational models.
  • Disseminate project results.

AUTOSUP will run until 2027. More information will be available soon.