ALICE’s initiative to encourage women’s participation in logistics

“We are looking for female talent and we would like to have your help and involvement!”

The figures of the participation of Women in Logistics are not high enough. Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe (ALICE) would like to change this tendency and give more visibility to women in the logistics sector. For this, ALICE has launched the “Women in Logistics” initiative.

Specifically, the objectives of “Women in Logistics” are:

  • Networking and Mentorship Opportunities: Establish a robust network of women logistics professionals to facilitate mentorship, sponsorship, and peer support, enabling members to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices.
  • Visibility and Recognition: Create webinars, workshops, and other initiatives that highlight the achievements of women in logistics, thereby increasing their visibility and inspiring others within the industry.
  • Leadership Representation: Strive to increase the representation of women in leadership positions within logistics, setting targets and developing clear pathways for advancement.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Create occasions as workshops, webinars to exchange on challenges, and opportunities for women in logistics, including case studies and success stories, to raise awareness and inform organisational strategies.

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