A regular chemical train on the New Silk Road

As soon as the Chinese New Year is over, a regular chemical train may be running on the New Silk Road. That is the plan of COSCO and VTG, which saw the first train arriving in Duisburg. The goal for 2022 is to have a regular, bi-weekly service in both directions to start with, VTG revealed.

The two partners call it the COSCO VTG China-EU chemical business. This has been set in order to broaden the transport possibilities of non-dangerous goods via the Eurasian land bridge, a task that is not hurdle free considering the administrative implications of such shipments.

“We are working with both sides to develop a logistical concept of moving liquid cargo, which is classified as a ‘non-dangerous good’. This is now in the planning phase”, said Hendrik Wehlen, business development manager at VTG.

On 16 January, the first train rolled into the Rhine-Ruhr terminal of Duisburg, originating from Changchun, capital of the province of Jilin in the north of China. The train made it to Europe via the Trans-Siberian railway, which transits through Russia for most of its length. This is however not the only route currently taken in consideration by the companies.

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